Apply NOW to join us at the 51 st RRC in North Macedonia and Albania

Apply NOW to join us at the 51 st RRC in North Macedonia and Albania

Camp Theme: Documentation of Historic Places with 21st Century Technology 3D rapid recording using drones & photogrammetry to produce orthophotography and topographic maps for a Geographic Information System of the World Heritage property of the Orhid Region Albania/Northern Macedonia.
We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited Regional Restoration Camp (RRC)!!
This year marks the 51 st RRC and we are enthusiastic to welcome you to two new extraordinary locations, so get ready for a twice as enriching and fulfilling experience!
The 51 st Regional Restoration Camp (RRC) will take place in the captivating Lake Ohrid region, encompassing both North Macedonia and Albania, as an area in the cross-border between these two neighbouring countries.
In today’s era of increased human capabilitiesand invention of new digital tools and technologies, fresh opportunities have emerged in the field of cultural heritage conservation. In this regard, It is crucial to acquaint ourselves with these innovative technologies and tools to effectively leverage their potential in preserving our cultural heritage assets.
Therefore this year, the 51 st RRC will focus on Rapid assessment and documentation of the tangible cultural heritage and archaeological sites of the Lake Ohrid region with the ultimate goal of collecting and integrating all these data in a Geographic Information System (GIS).
This documentation will enable local institutions to understand, monitor, and maintain the region’s monuments, serving as a valuable resource for future restorative interventions and heritage conservation practices. It represents an excellent opportunity for participants to gain knowledge and at the same time contribute to the documentation of significant cultural heritage assets, thanks also to the professional expertise of our local Camp partners, who are experienced documentation specialists and local heritage experts of the region.
The Camp will combine theoretical knowledge with practical on-site work, including classic documentation techniques and 3D digital documentation. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to attend informative presentations, providing insights into the historical value and interpretative aspects of this remarkable UNESCO heritage.
The primary objective of the Camp is to not only disseminate knowledge to young professionals but also to support and assist local institutions dedicated to preserving their historical assets, crafts, and techniques, offering them new perspectives on understanding, monitoring, and revitalizing these treasures.
Don’t miss out—join us now!
This Camp is organized with funding from Sweden and in partnership with the NI Institute for Protection of Monuments of Cultureand Museum-Ohridaddressing the specific needs of the on-going project ‘Strengthening the Capacities to Manage the Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region: GIS Database Development Training for the Institute and Museum-Ohrid’and the Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage Korçë.

What’s special about the Lake Ohrid region?
Being a part of the 51 st RRC offers you the chance to explore a remarkable natural and cultural landscape with a rich and distinctive heritage. It is an opportunity to delve into the local traditions and culture of this region!
The Lake Ohrid region is renowned for its exceptional features. It is one of the oldest lakes in Europe, boasting a unique biodiversity that makes it a significant source of natural heritage. Recognizing its importance, the North Macedonian part of the lake was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979, followed by the inclusion of the Albanian side in 2019.
The town of Ohrid, situated on the shores of the lake, is one of Europe’s oldest human settlements, with a history spanning from the 7 th to the 19 th century. It is home to the oldest Slav monastery and hosts over 800 Byzantine-style icons dating from the 11 th to the end of the 14 th century. Additionally, the surrounding areas feature archaeological sites, including the remains of prehistoric pile dwellings, and the Lin Peninsula, where an Early Christian church founded in the 6 th century can be found.
Working in such a special location, participants will have the opportunity to appreciate the unique natural landscape and immerse themselves in the cultural, material, and spiritual heritage on both sides of Lake Ohrid (North Macedonia and Albania).
Therefore, SAVE the dates!
The camp will be organized in two parts: the theoretical part will be held online, from 1 to 5September, and the second part will be held in both sites consecutively, from 10 to 22September and more precisely as follows:

LOCATION                                            DATES
Online                                                 1-5 September 2023*
Lake Ohrid region, North Macedonia                     10-15September*
Lake Ohrid region, Albania                              16-22September*

  • The organizers reserve the right to change the days, time and location(s) of the Camp due to technical or organizational needs by announcing such changes in advance.
    Fees & Scholarships The fee for participation in the Camps is 900 euros. This fee will cover tuition, on-site accommodation, camp materials and tools, emergency health insurance and planned excursions. 
    For all accepted applicants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia, there will be a scholarship to cover the costs of the Camp. The scholarship will pay the full 900 Euro fee.
    Participants will be responsible for their everyday meal’s expenses and travel to and from the Camp locations. These costs are not included in the participation fee. ***
    Application and deadline
    If you find yourself interested and don’t want to miss your chance of having thisexperience,then apply here.

Deadline for applications: 25 June

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