Heritage Empowering Platforms – Workshop II

In the framework of the project “Heritage Empowering and Learning Platforms” the second round of workshops has been implemented in each of the target municipalities of Kavaja, Kruja, and Rrogozhina.

The workshop in Kruja was held on December 6, 2022.

The workshop in Rrogozhina was held on December 7, 2022.

The workshop in Kavaja was held on December 14, 2022.

The topic for this series of workshops was “Education About and Through Cultural Heritage”. The aim was the training of local stakeholders on the topic of education through and about cultural heritage, exchanging knowledge and experiences as well as encouraging increased institutional cooperation.

The participants were local stakeholders operating in the sectors of culture and education which represented different institutions: Municipalities, Schools, National Children’s Cultural centers,etc,. Considering the theme of this round of workshops, we were especially pleased to have teachers (in Kavaja and Kruja) and representatives from the Local Education Office (in Rrogozhina) attend the workshops.

In this series of workshops, the CHwB Albania project team was joined by the Heritage Education expert, Antigoni Gjergji. Her expertise on such an important – yet largely unexplored – field, together with the great experiences she shared, produced a thought-provoking and inspirational atmosphere.

Several theoretical concepts were tackled during the first session: the concept of heritage and its history, its contemporary meaning, and the relationship between heritage and education. Particular focus was placed on the role of cultural heritage as a pillar of sustainable development. In addition, Gjergji shared her vast experience with the organization of public heritage-related events in the city of Durrës. This sparked interest among the participants, who in later group sessions, brainstormed ideas about further engagement with their local cultural assets.
Each workshop concluded with a group session focused on gathering ideas and recommendations on the 4 targeted sites by the local stakeholders. This feedback will be later included in the existing structure for the creation of the 4 educational models of the Ethnographic Museum of Kavaja, the Ethnographic Museum of Kruja, the Kurçaj Bridge (Kruja) and the Bashtova Castle.

We are grateful to the participants for their involvement and contribution to the workshops. Their engagement and feedback have been very valuable. Such has been the collaborative spirit we encountered in Kavaja, the quality of the discussions in Kruja and the enthusiasm and welcoming in Rrogozhina.
We will continue our collaboration with the local stakeholders in the three cities of Kruja, Kavaja and Rrogozhina in the third round of the workshops.

The project “Heritage Empowering and Learning Platforms”, is funded by the European Union. Funding was provided through the EU4Culture program, implemented by UNOPS Albania and in coordination with the Ministry of Culture.

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