100 Roofs: Preventive conservation of vernacular heritage in Serbia

100 Roofs: Preventive conservation of vernacular heritage in Serbia

The 100 Roofs project started as an initiative to preserve the vernacular monuments of Serbia by providing roof covering as a stabilization measure. After the works were finalized on 7 such monuments, the project was enlarged to include training activities for young professionals, using the sites of ongoing conservation for the training initiatives of the Regional Restoration Camps. Using this approach, 13 vernacular monuments were either fully or partially restored, all across Serbia.

For the moment the focus of the project is on the wine cellar complexes of Negotin, which are on the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage recognition. These wine cellars and the 100 Roofs project is used as a field for training young professionals and engaging the local community, in conjunction with the Regional Restoration Camps being held in Rogljevo, Negotin. It foresees the restoration of another 3 vernacular monuments in the near future, and the ambitious title indicates the plan to restore many more roofs in the years to come.

Location :


Project dates :

2006 - 2019

Donor :

Swedish Govt. Serbian Govt.

In collaboration with :

Republic Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture, Belgrade

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