Community Heritage Engagement: Engaging Locally with Interpretation

Community Heritage Engagement: Engaging Locally with Interpretation

This project builds on the existing CHwB framework of heritage interpretation and community engagement through the Regional Restoration Camps to facilitate deeper engagement with and from the local community when it comes to sharing, preserving and interpreting their heritage. Specifically, the project has three main objectives:

1. Facilitating/encouraging active engagement from the community in locations where the RRC are held
2. Developing an interpretation resource base for local communities, to include both human resources and interpretation ideas and ‘toolkits’
3. Turning this local engagement into heritage interpretation resources (story-led tour routes, children’s educational materials, etc.), whose production and delivery, is supported and led by members of the local community.

This project supports CHwB’s work with heritage interpretation on several levels. It supports the interpretation modules conducted during the RRC, where participants are introduced to both the theory and practice of interpretation. It has also supported the work of local CHwB staff on such projects in Gjirokastra as the survey of monument owners and several activities with high school students, including ‘Tell the Story of Gjirokastra’ and the high-school-led production of ‘The House of the Mad,’ a black comedy that highlights the plight of GJirokastra’s historic houses. The Headley project also works with interpretation in Kosovo through the Regional Restoration Camp in Mitrovica.

Finally, this project partially funds the “E Ka Kush E Ka” children’s activity collection, which aims to bring heritage education to young children in an exciting and accessible way.

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April 2014 – present

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Headley Trust

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