Regional Heritage Seminars: An Exchange Platform for Balkan Heritage Professionals

Professional networking cross-border cooperation inspiring conversation

As part of the regional project “Western Balkans – From Historical Integration to Contemporary Active Participation”, the Regional Heritage Seminar series was aimed at using cultural heritage as a platform for professionals, proving conditions for reconciliation as a prerequisite for peace and democracy with respect to human rights, as well as to stimulate local economic growth through cultural heritage.

The seminars were held in Gjirokastra, Prizren and Jajce, cities that managed to maintain through the ages great values of heritage and cultural diversity. They brought together international and regional experts, projects and individuals from a range of backgrounds. They turned out to be creative, positive and inspiring events that helped explore connections between people and heritage. Common ground was found in the way that stories and emotions unite us all – across time and place in the conviction that heritage can make a difference.

Main results: more than 150 participants and speakers from the Westerns Balkans and other regions of the world, 1 set of publications in three languages produced, a soon to-be-structured digital network of the Balkan’s heritage professionals.

Location :

Jajce, Prizren, Gjirokastra

Project dates :

2012 – 2014

Donor :

Swedish Government , European Union

In collaboration with :

Mozaik Foundation, Bosnia & Herzegovina Co-Plan - Institute for Habitat

Work group: