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Camp Theme: Building Conservation and Interpretation

You have all been waiting for it, here it is!

The 50th Regional Restoration Camp (RRC) will take place both in Vitsa, Zagori Greece and in Gjirokastra, Albania, as cross-border sites of these two neighboring countries, for a twice as enriching and fulfilling experience!

It is a great opportunity for all participants to contribute to the conservation, interpretation and documentation of some very representative cultural heritage assets. Thanks to the expertise of the Camp partners, knowledgeable conservators from Albania, Greece, Sweden, USA, Uk etc, participants will acquire theoretical knowledge on building conservation, documentation and interpretation of local valuable historic structures and related intangible heritage aspects. Through a hands-on approach, and with the support of local craftsperson’s, participants will have the chance to get to know more on local traditional materials and techniques used in these sites.

The mere purpose of these activities is to impact and help the local inhabitants, organizations and institutions – working to preserve their historic assets, crafts and techniques and giving them new ways of understanding, enjoying and revitalizing them.

Theoretical and practical insights combined, together with many other exciting and rewarding aspects are waiting to be shared with you, so hurry up!

This Camp is organized with funding from Sweden and in partnership with the Greek NGO The Land Beyond based in Vitsa.

What’s special about Vitsa (Greece) and Gjirokastra (Albania)?

Participating in the 50th  RRC also means immersing yourself in the vibes of two unique natural and cultural landscapes with a rich and particular heritage and atmosphere, as well as getting familiar with local residents and culture!

Vitsa It is perfectly located, in central Zagori, Greece. The characteristic Zagorian architecture of the famed 18th and 19th century artisans is clearly preserved in the neighborhoods of Vitsa (Mesohori, Ano and Kato Vitsa), featuring simple houses built solely from stone, yet expertly constructed using mortar made of mud and hay, timber framing and slate roofs. The same applies to its churches that were constructed or renovated in the 16th and 17th century, and to the entire Zagori region. Under the Ottoman occupation, Zagori was autonomous and self-governed, thus becoming very wealthy due to its commercial activity.

Gjirokastra is one of the most beloved cities in Albania and beyond in the region. Gjirokastra, in the Drinos river valley in southern Albania, features a series of outstanding tower houses which were developed in the 17th century. The town also retains a bazaar, an 17th-century mosque, two churches and a Bektashi tekke of the same period .The city reached its peak over 1800-1830, when monumental assembly houses were built. The city with extraordinary historical values, and with unique traditions and landscape, is rightly included in the UNESCO list. Gjirokastra has always been, and continues to be, among the main settlements that serve as a reference for the development of southern Albania, and the cross-border area of northwestern Greece.


Participants will have the chance, on both locations, to enjoy the marvelous and calming mountain landscape, rich in natural resources and fresh air and what is more important such unique architecture landscape that you can’t encounter anywhere else.

Therefore, SAVE the dates!

The camp will be organized in two parts:

  1. Theoretical part will be held online, from 29 August to 5 September, and
  2. Second part will be held in both sites consecutively, from 8 to 18 September and more precisely as follows:

LOCATION                                            DATES

On line                                                                                                          29 August-5 September*

Vitsa, Greece                                                                                                            8-10 September*

Gjirokastra, Albania                                                                                             10-18 September*

* The organizers reserve the right to change the days, time and location(s) of the Camp due to technical or organizational needs by announcing such changes in advance.

Fees & Scholarships The fee for participation in the Camps is 900 euros. This fee will cover tuition, on-site accommodation with breakfast, camp materials and tools, emergency health insurance and planned excursions.

For all accepted applicants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia, there will be a scholarship to cover the costs of the Camp. The scholarship will pay the full 900 Euro fee.

Participants will be responsible for travel to and from the Camp locations, as well as compliance with the respective country’s legislation on Covid-19 situation. Those costs are not included in the participation fee. ***

Application and deadline

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  2. Volunteer application here.

Deadline for application 17 July 2022.

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