Babameto I Restoration & Revitalization

Babameto I Restoration & Revitalization

The grand residential house of Babameto is an historic vestige of Gjirokastra’s urban-architectural landscape and central to the World Heritage historic zone. Completely abandoned following the 1997 national crisis, this 1st category monument quickly fell into disrepair, eventually becoming a priority for restoration. In 2004, the state invested in the reconstruction of the roof and other ruined elements; however, the house remained in poor condition until interventions were made by CHwB. The primary aim of this project was the complete restoration of the monument and the conversion of the space into a hostel and public facility (used for seminars and exhibitions).

As a main element of the central bazar, the restoration of the Babameto house has brought renewed vitality to the commercial area of Gjirokastra’s historic center – complementing other community buildings such as the mosque, amphitheatre, and cinema. The building now operates as a tourist hostel and temporary residence for camp participants during CHwB’s Regional Restoration Camps. Additionally, the surrounding walls of the building are being reconstructed by camp participants, providing practical, hands-on experience for architecture students and young professionals in traditional restoration practices in stonework. Today, the Babameto house stands as a model of sustainable practice in cultural heritage management.

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Project dates :

April 2012 - March 2013

Donor :

Swedish Government Packard Humanities Institute

In collaboration with :

Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organization (GCDO), Institute of Monument of Culture

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