Building Design Guidelines for Gjirokastra’s Historic Bazaar

Building Design Guidelines for Gjirokastra’s Historic Bazaar

Many interventions, not only in buildings, but also in signage and advertisements, technical installations and public spaces, have contributed to a gradual loss of the historical integrity of the city of Gjirokastra. Gjirokastra clearly needs a legal document, which regulates which criteria and standards such interventions should follow in order for the city to maintain – and indeed regain – its historic character. The purpose of this project is to elaborate such a legal document that will help to bring back the lost integrity of the bazaar area and make sure that interventions will be done in accordance with the principles and standards of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention.

The bazaar and its surrounding area stand out for their special architectural and functional characteristics. As the centre of the historical town and of the commercial area, the bazaar is one of the most visited areas in the city.

The Building Design Guidelines project began with detailed documentation of the bazaar, conducted through the collection of all graphic and technical materials from archives; it is continuing with the technical work of a group of specialists assigned by all the relevant institutions.

The project will engage all stakeholders, through informative sessions and workshops, and training will be organized for the staff of institution that are going to use this document.

Location :


Project dates :

May 2014 – present

Donor :

Swedish Government, German World Heritage Foundation

In collaboration with :

Regional Dir. of National Culture – Gjirokastra Prefecture of Gjirokastra Municipality of Gjirokastra Institute for Monuments of Culture

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