Conservation Interventions and Structural Rehabilitation of the Tekke of Dollma in Krujë, Albania

Conservation Interventions and Structural Rehabilitation of the Tekke of Dollma in Krujë, Albania

The Tekke of Dollma, listed as first category monument in Albania for it’s architectural, decorative and typological values, is an important landmark for the local community of the historic city of Kruja, as well as being a significant asset for the Bektashi religious community in the area.

The Tekke of Dollma is a small monumental Islamic shrine with a dome. The shrine is a one-volume, square-base construction covered with a hemispherical dome, which descends to the four corners of the walls through pendentives. The monument consists of the tekke, as well as a building to the right for functional needs. There are characteristic tombstones of the Bektashi order around the tekke and what is considered to be the ancient olive grove of Skanderbeg.

The earthquake of November 2019, caused several damages to some of the oldest and most important cultural heritage assets in Albania, also affected the Tekke of Dollma, more precisely damaging its walls and dome. From the archive material we understood that the main damages and cracks were already present before the earthquake of 2019, but these have become much more severe, the openings and cracks had widened and the material losses were significant.

In 2020, CHwB Albania, thanks to the support from Prince Claus Fund and Sweden, conducted emergency consolidation works to reduce on the short term the risk of total collapse while the final interventions were designed and planned. In 2021, CHwB Albania, via the support from Ambassadors Fund For Cultural Preservation, has started the conservation interventions and structural rehabilitation of the Tekke of Dollma. The project was realized by CHwB in cooperation with experienced conservation experts and structural engineers. The team of ChwB is monitoring the interventions regularly with focus in quality and conservation. Full rehabilitation of the Tekke is supposed to be finalized in March 2022.

Location :

Kruja, Albania

Project dates :

April - July 2020

Donor :

U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, Prince Claus Fund, Sweden

In collaboration with :

World Monuments Fund, National Institute of Cultural Heritage, Leon Konstruksion

Work group:

CHwB Albania, Markel Baballëku, Grigor Angjeliu, Arben Spaho

Interventions carried out until now:

  • The installation of external scaffolding is finalized.
  • The internal temporary shoring has been dismantled.
  • The wooden structure in the western corner has been dismantled.
  • A temporary steel cover is installed.
  • New scaffolding and wooden shoring has been installed inside the Tekke.
  • The installation of the digital monitoring system is finalized.