Design and heritage empower communities

Design and heritage empower communities

One day training with 14 volunteers and 2 full days spent in two different secondary public squares, with 2 communities in Tirana, for the finalisation of the project “Design and Heritage Empower Communities”.

This was an experimental prototype hands-on audience engagement experience, aiming to communicate the significance and beauty of Tirana’s architectural heritage with the public and raise awareness about the importance of public spaces and community values.

The project interpreted four iconic historic structures of Tirana through a set of interlocking urban playful furnishing. The community become a co-creator of the individual architectural icons and builder of the urban visionary configurations. Making this way places and spaces so necessary for improving the public life of the city.

The prototype models were made 100% from cardboard and could be assembled and disassembled using only the hands. The principal tool and its variations are based on a cardboard lattice that can be folded into three-dimensional building blocks. These blocks are connected to one another by cardboard joints, making so possible the creation of different configuration.

The project was supported by DESIGNSCAPES, an EU funded program and was designed and implemented by CHwB Albania in collaboration with Collective Paper Aesthetics. For the realisation of this prototype the two organizations combined the long experiences of both, CHwB Albania’s educative game series “E Ka Kush e KA” and Noa Haim’s design of pop-up participatory spaces.

Location :

Tirana, Albania

Project dates :

December 2019 - May 2020

Donor :

Anci Toscana (EU funded)

In collaboration with :

Municipality of Tirana

Work group:

CHwB Albania, Collective Paper Aesthetics, Noa Haim