Sharing Stories, Shaping the Future: Dialogues for Spaç

Sharing Stories, Shaping the Future: Dialogues for Spaç

Albania is at a crossroads in its development; it is growing and changing rapidly, yet still held back by the long-lasting political and social legacies of its 45-year Communist dictatorship. For the peace and stability of the country, it is crucial that its citizens begin to explore and confront the history and legacies of its Communist past. As an important site of memory, Spaç prison can serve as a vital touch point, from which Albanians can begin a healthy and productive dialogue about their difficult past.

In 2014, Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) began a project called ‘Sharing Stories, Shaping the Future: Dialogues for Spaç’, supported by the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. This project entails a series of visioning workshops predicated on the understanding that there is not one way to read the experience of Communism in Albania—the perspectives are as varied as the people who suffered, survived and went about their lives in many different ways. The key to interpretation is providing a space for these voices to tell their story.

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You can find out more about the first workshop by downloading the PDF documents here:

Workshop1-Final Report




Location :


Project dates :

April 2014 - present

Donor :

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience Swedish Government

In collaboration with :

Multiple central and local state authorities CSOs & local inhabitants Former political prisoners in Spaç

Work group:

CHwB Albania