Make it Yours! Public Awareness Campaign for Heritage

Heritage is for Everyone

The main goals of ‘Make it Yours!’ are to increase Albanians’ awareness of and involvement with their heritage and to advocate for politicians and public interest groups to take heritage into consideration. Launched in Albania in March 2012, the campaign has now been adopted by the CHwB offices in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well.

Local heritage is an essential piece of human identity, and a society’s active engagement with heritage is one sign of a dynamic and evolving culture. Therefore, ‘Make it yours!’ encourages everyone, from specialists to media to politicians to everyday people, to take an active role in using, preserving and promoting their heritage. In Albanian, the phrase ‘Bëje tënden!’ (written ‘Bone tanden!’ in Kosovo and ‘Učini svojim!’ in
Bosnia and Herzegovina) captures both the idea that people across the spectrum of society should take personal responsibility for their heritage and the idea that they need to do their part to conserve and advocate their heritage, in order to ensure that it remains a source of pride and inspiration for generations to come.

As the ‘Make it yours!’ campaign continues to expand and develop, future events will include activities with schoolchildren, opportunities for politicians to take a hand in the restoration process, continued engagement with local and national media and awareness-building events to encourage the community to invest in preserving their local heritage.

Location :

Gjirokastra, Tirana, Sarajevo, Junik

Project dates :

2012 -2021

Donor :

Swedish Government, European Union, USAID

In collaboration with :

CHwB Kosovo, CHwB Bonia & Herzegovina

Work group: